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Dog Guard of Seattle  Serving King, Snohomish, Pierce, Island, and Kitsap counties.

Customer Testimonials

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Kevin C | Issaquah, WA

March 31, 2020

“Had a great experience with Kyle and Dog Guard. They were the most responsive. Scheduled installation the following week and communicated great before and after. They trained our dog and it worked immediately. It's been a game changer for us to have the dog run free and safely in our yard. Very pleased we chose Seattle Dog Guard.”

Courtnay & Andy W | Poulsbo, WA

May 20, 2021

“Thank you so much for your superb professionalism and commitment! Fergie is doing great and learned her “boundaries” quick. A lot of freedom for her and us! Thank you! Team was awesome, very professional and polite, system has been perfect, and Fergie is enjoying the freedom of using the whole yard. No more chains and screw in yard hooks.”

Susan H. | Issaquah, WA

May 18, 2022

“Our puppy Pearl was trained within the first 20 minutes to know her boundaries by Alex. He was friendly and knowledgeable about the system and also about breeds of dogs and their behaviors. He worked quickly and the fence has been operating great the last few weeks since he left. We live on a busy road, and Pearl no longer will dart into the street thanks to Dog Guard. She will wait patiently and safely in the driveway. She also knows her bounds on the back of our property where she could wander and be lost in the woods. Thanks to Dog Guard, Pearl now has our whole yard to play free safely and not be contained to a kennel or small dog run during the day while we are at work. We can also play outside as a family with our kids and she can be part of the fun without the hassle of a leash or being tied up. She is truly a happier dog and we are so grateful for the peace of mind this fence has given us as new pet owners. This has been great!!! ”

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Francie B. | Kingston, WA

February 2, 2023

Love my Dog Guard, my dog gets to be a dog now, no more leashes at home. He has 1/2 an acre to play in. Kyle was awesome two times, Rocky forgot it was there, then no more. Very happy with product and price.

Lynette S. | Edmonds, WA

November 17, 2022

Kyle was super helpful. His training was effective and was able to work with our unique driveway. He had some great and creative ideas on fence location. He was also very responsive. So far, the invisible fence has been working well! Thank you!

Faryn S. | Bremerton, WA

November 15, 2022

Kyle installed our system a few weeks ago and our lab puppy Lucy is already a pro. Kyle is very knowledgable and a great trainer. He has also been very responsive to all of our needs and questions. The installation was very quick and easy. We definitely recommend Kyle and Dog Guar of Seattle to anyone with a pet containment need.

Sara G. | Gig Harbor, WA

October 19, 2022

Dog Guard is the BEST!! We love the new invisible fence - our dog Duke is happy and SAFE! I was extra impressed by the Dog Guard sign Kyle put on my mailbox to let neighbors know our dog was protected. Kyle gave great service getting our yard in great shape before we moved in with our high energy Irish Setter 'Duke'.. Thank you so much 😊

Sacha V. | Seattle, WA

September 28, 2022

Kyle has been so great, super flexible with our crazy summer schedule and is knowledgeable and very helpful! Alex installed the fence very quickly and was great with my two dogs. They each decided twice to bust through on the first day, but have become better and better with their boundaries every day (and haven't come close since the first two days). Kyle has been helpful and supportive from day one. It's a great company and a great product!

Alana H. | Seattle, WA

June 14, 2022

I am mind-blown by the effectiveness of an electric fence and working with Seattle Dog Guard. We have had such a great experience. Kyle and his team made us feel important and focused. My two labradoodles were trained immediately and went from running away at any opportunity to staying in the yard with no stress and obedience. I could not be happier with the results. That was money well spent.

Rick W. | Kirkland, WA

June 8, 2022

So glad I found Dog Guard of Seattle. I have a 6 month old Red Irish Setter that has found a way to sneak out under the driveway gate. I contacted Dog Guard to get consult and quote. When Alex showed up at the appointed time, Jessie had made an escape a half hour earlier. I didn't know if I would ever see her again, as she loved to ride in a car and would jump in anyones car if they would open the door. I postponed the install and to call Alex if I got her back. She was found a couple hours later, so I informed Alex. He hotfooted it over and did the install, brief training for the dog and I and was off after answering any questions. Jessie won't go any closer than 15ft of the hidden fence even after chasing a ball into the hot zone. I don't think she will even consider going into the hot zone so I am now worry free about her ever escaping again. Kyle and Alex are absolutely great to deal with and check in with me frequently so see how everything is going. If anyone is looking for this kind of containment system, I recommend Dog Guard of Seattle wholeheartedly.

Jessica M. | Woodinville, WA

June 1, 2022

We recently had a system put in for our lab puppy and it has been an amazing experience. Kyle was great to work with and the installation and training were quick and easy. We would definitely recommend Dog guard to anyone looking for a pet containment solution.

Theresa T. | Snohomish, WA

March 8, 2022

Kyle was very nice and professional he explained exactly what would happen. Alex called with the time he would be there and was on time. Gave me more space than I expected . My dog really liked him, she's usually fussy with strangers. He walked her around perimeter and explained how the fence works. Called Kyle a few days later, my dog was getting past the fence. He immediately called with the solution. So far, so good. I'm really happy I got the fence. Thx. Guys!!!

Whitney M. | Gig Harbor, WA

November 9, 2021

We worked with Kyle and from the start I appreciated his responsiveness and attention to detail. We had dogs that were escaping all the time and out of control when in our yard. The fence install went smoothly and we now have no worries about our dogs being in our yard. The training that they offer is also helpful

Lynda D | Gig Harbor, WA

October 30, 2021

We are very happy with Dog Guard, she learned so quickly not to go past the flags.

Mike W | Bremerton, WA

October 13, 2021

Found an ad and gave these guys a call. Talk about a painless process. Kyle is all over the customer service and couldn't be happier with Alex and the installation. Had some minor issues(more with my knowledge and land) and Alex was right back out and took care of it right away. As far as the fence, my 2 Boxers are nice and contained...don't chase the squirrel or the neighbors cats. If you are looking for OUTSTANDING customer service, PROFESSIONAL installation and a wonderful way to keep your dogs contained...call them

Kristina P | Kent, WA

September 22, 2021

After moving to a neighborhood that doesn’t allow physical fences, we needed an invisible fence solution for our 5 year old 100 lb Great Pyrenees lab. At first we weren’t sure our pup would be able to learn how to use it because he’s always had a physical boundary and loves chasing after squirrels and bunnies. I requested a quote online and within minutes Kyle was on the phone with me explaining the process and providing a quote. Alex came for the install and worked with us to create the best boundary for our property and one that would allow our dog to understand his limits. When it came time for training, he was amazing with our dog. Our dog picked up the training quickly from his instruction. Alex gave us instructions for acclimating our dog to the new fence. Over the next few days, there were unfortunately a few times our dog went through the boundary and returned with a full correction (bunnies that our dog couldn’t resist chasing or balls that’s took a bad bounce from playing fetch). Anytime he was running full speed, he wouldn’t stop at the fence. But then our poor dog became terrified of being outside (tail between his legs and shaky legs). It was so sad to see this from our normally rambunctious boy. This was definitely owner error - we weren’t careful enough in the first few days after the install to make sure our dog understood the limits and was comfortable with the new fence. Alex came back over and worked with Bodhi to see what the problem was. He saw that Bodhi understood the boundary, but was just extremely anxious being outside after those few full corrections. He gave us tips for getting him more comfortable. After a week, we had our playful pup back. The fence works amazingly. We can let him out on his own without fear of him running away. We’ve even seen him resist chasing after bunnies. If a ball goes outside the line, he sits and waits to us to get it for him (even when running after it) We are extremely grateful for this company and we are so happy with the outcome!

Annie D. | Lake Stevens, WA

August 11, 2021

I’m SO glad we shopped around and chose Dog Guard of Seattle over a larger chain brand of hidden fence. Love that this is a small, local business and it shows. They truly care about your dog’s safety, installing a quality product and have great customer service. Kyle was super knowledgeable and helpful, he created a “front” and “back” yard for our dogs even though we have a huge open property. He trained them in minutes. Like a dog whisperer, but with an electric collar. I have so much peace of mind knowing my dogs are safe and can roam happily without being near a road or cars. Do not even think of installing a hidden fence without talking to Kyle first!!

David Cross | Bellevue, WA

July 22, 2021

Kyle was very responsive when I reached for our need and rapidly scheduled an installation within a few days, Alex was excellent in not only quality and speed, but also how creative and flexible he was in the placement of all wires and equipment in our unique setting. Our dog was trained in minutes and Kyle proactively checked in to see how the solution was working for our pug. I would highly recommend this local service versus other large chains.

Sean Ziari | Gig Harbor, WA

June 27, 2021

Kyle and his people do a great job with installation and training. We have had no issues with our medium sized dogs. A husky mix and a Australian Shepherd.

Michael F | Shoreline, WA

May 21, 2021

After getting 3 bids, I chose Dog Guard and have been pleased. Other option tried too hard to up-sell me. Kyle was straightforward with practical solutions as he decided how best to install on my property. His equipment seems reliable. His training regime for my dog went quickly and the dog has remained within the boundaries since the beginning. I was also motivated to choose Kyle because he was able to install within just a few days, rather than a couple of weeks. While I have not yet had to call, I feel confident that Kyle will be responsive if I have needs in the future.

Renee L | Gig Harbor, WA

April 18, 2021

We had just re-homed a German Shepard who had no training and was abused. I searched for ingrown fencing. I decided on Dog Guard of Seattle as they offered what was the best system. I contacted Kyle and we had our fence put in within a week. They worked with our LUNA and us for several hours after. We had 3 acres of invisible fence installed. Our LUNA realized immediately where she had to stay within the invisible fence. They took good care of not causing any damage to our bushes, backfilled the entire trench and left everything very as it was before. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION WE EVERY MADE. We now have peace of mind she will not get outside the area and get hurt. It was also much easier to train her with commands. If anyone is looking for an invisible fence to be installed. Our requested we let her know so she could tell other clients about Dog Guard. If anyone is looking for an invisible fence Please Please give Kyle at Dog Guard a call. You will be very happy with the attention he gives to you and our furry friends. Thank you again Kyle for the excellent job you did for your LUNA.

Mike Tilk | Tacoma, WA

April 7, 2021

Awesome company! Went over everything with me throughly, and worked with phoebe for about an hour, familiarizing her with boundaries and what happens when she exceeds them . Haven't had any more 'escapes' since! Highly recommend!

Denise L. | Mukilteo, WA

April 5, 2021

We highly recommend Kyle. He was very punctual and efficient. Came out a couple of times and made sure that everything was working as promised......Price was very reasonable I felt and will definitely recommend.

Rob M. | Gig Harbor, WA

March 28, 2021

They installed electric underground dog fencing for us. It took an afternoon, much cheaper than above ground fencing, and faster to install. So far, it has worked to keep our dog in the yard.

Nyree K. | Graham, WA

February 24, 2021

They were super professional, friendly, and competent. I felt like a valued customer. Kyle didn't leave until all my questions were answered. Then, he gave me his promise to be reachable anytime I had any questions or concerns. That's priceless!

Terri G. | Monroe, WA

February 5, 2021

Kyle you are amazing! Thank you for all the personal care you gave my dogs, we didn’t feel like a “number” and you followed through with all your phone calls and checked In with us!!!Absolutely a great call on our part to use Dog Guard!!

Logan Dunlap | Shoreline, WA

November 3, 2020

The absolute best experience! My huge 130lb. Rottweiler has gone through barb wire live stock fencing, wood, chain link, gates, screen windows ( I think you get the picture) but this fence has been wonderful. He only made one breakout on the 2nd day because he gave in to peer pressure and followed his stubborn dog cousin. He has not gotten out since. Even with the electric collar off he does NOT want to cross those flags. I couldn't be happier. Customer service was above and beyond. Installation was great and they made sure to do a training lesson at the end of installation so my dog knew his boundaries and I was comfortable in reinforcing the training. They even did a follow up call a few days later to see how we were doing. They were so impressive that my sister had them install a fence for her property that same day! Thank you thank you thank you!

Johnny G. | Bothell, WA

October 23, 2020

Excellent communication, very flexible, professional and caring about our dogs. Loved working with Kyle and his team. They did an excellent job with the entire project and installed a great dog fence around our difficult property line.

Christine G. | Lake Tapps, WA

October 18, 2020

This was by far the BEST experience I’ve had in a long time! I love my animals, like they were my family, so I needed reassurance that this was the safest and best route to go for my dogs. From start to finish, I was impressed. The communication was TOP NOTCH! Kyle was extremely knowledgeable and responsive to any and all questions I had regarding the process. Joseph was my installer and was also great! Dogs were trained that day! I can’t say enough about this company. Thank you Dog Guard for keeping my animals safe!

Deborah B.W. | Snohomish, WA

May 24, 2020

We appreciate the timely response to our request for service. They even gave me tips on training our dog.

Jay P | Bonney Lake, WA

May 18, 2020

Kyle is great. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Rick L | Bremerton, WA

April 10, 2020

5 Stars!

Aj D | Maple Valley, WA

April 10, 2020

Did an amazing job!

Amy D | Seattle, WA

February 20, 2020

Love Kyle! Highly recommend. Best pricing I could find and puppy understood fence ASAP!

Philip N. | Bothell, WA

December 13, 2019

Very good

Tom S. | Port Orchard, WA

December 11, 2019

Kyle was extremely responsive, very proactive, answered all questions, showed up on a weekend to do the install, followed up to make sure everything is going well. The fencing has thus far worked perfectly. Cost was considerably less than others. I highly recommend Dog Guard.

Brandon & Kristyl G | Arlington, WA

December 1, 2019

We have a Great Pyrenees and a Chihuahua mix on 8 acres of forest. Kyle set us up with a full perimeter fence through the trees and across a 20 foot creek bed. After the installation, he stayed to teach us how the system works and to demonstrate how to train our dogs on it. I was shocked at how quickly the dogs caught on and how affordable the whole system was. Kyle was an absolute pleasure to work with. We definitely recommend Kyle and Dog Guard of Seattle.

Jas D. | Redmond, WA

October 29, 2019

We are extremely happy with our Dog Guard system. Kyle did an excellent job! Would highly recommend!

Mike S. |

July 31, 2019

Kyle won't leave until the job is done right everytime.

Dustin B. |

July 30, 2019

Kyle has an excellent level of service and is a pleasure to work with

A.P. Van Meter |

March 18, 2019

They did a wonderful job. Very punctual and made sure that the system was working properly. Then they worked with our dog to show him his new boundaries. I would highly recommend them for this service.

Wanda C. |

February 12, 2019

All-in-all, I am thrilled with our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and would and will recommend it to anyone with a pet that needs to be confined to “their” space.

Kathi R. |

February 12, 2019

Our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence keeps our little wanderer in the yard where he belongs. He was quick to learn his boundaries and loves being outside and free to roam!

Geri |

February 12, 2019

I’ve had my electric fence for 11 years and have been completely happy with the unit and service you provide. I always get my questions answered and prompt service. Also you work great with the dogs. I have to say Dog Guard is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Doug |

February 12, 2019

Dog Guard Works Great!! All my pooches are safe. I work at a major home improvement center and recommend Dog Guard at least 10 times a week. I’ve had mine over a decade and will never switch. Great products and device. Thanks!

Ann F. | Seattle, WA

July 3, 2016

Great experience with Dean and DogGuard. He made us feel very comfortable with the product and his installation. I really appreciate that he listened to our needs and responded quickly. He went the extra mile to make sure that the humans and the canine in our house were happy. I love that our pup can be out in the front yard with us without having to be tethered. Watching him jump around, like the crazy beast that he is, makes us smile. Thanks, Dean!!

Chee C. | Redmond, WA

February 6, 2016

Dean installed the fence for us several months ago and so far we are extremely pleased. The cost of the installation was lower than I expected and lower than competition. He was much less pushy than others we looked into. He seemed to want to figure out the right thing for us and our dog. He came out 4 sets of times.. the initial bid and discussion where we really found him sincere, the installation (took a couple days), the training afterwards (he came on a weekend because that was all our schedule would allow), and he had come in afterwards to make some adjustments we needed. He was super accommodating. Very sincere and service oriented. If you need a dog fence of this sort definitely give Dean a call.

John S. |

September 25, 2013

We wanted an alternative to keep our 107 pound German Sheppard mix in our yard. We contacted three different vendors for pricing and selected Seattle Dog Guard based upon reviews and price. Dean came out to the house and met our dog Spencer, listed to our concerns and provided a very reasonable price. He installed a hidden pet fence system on a home with a 0.7 acre lot. Dean kept all his appointments, was always in contact with us and would call the rare times he was running late. The installation went smoothly; all work was neat and clean. Training went smoothly as well. The product works as advertised and Spenser now stays in the yard. I highly recommend Seattle Dog Guard.

Carissa M. | Seattle, WA

July 18, 2013

Dean Watkins of Seattle Dog Guard spoke with me over the phone. He gave me a general idea of the cost after I explained to him that our next door neighbors and I would like to share an invisible fence. He came out to take a look at the property and definitely knew exactly what he was talking about. Once we agreed on a price he started work the very next week. Worked very hard for two days to install the invisible fence around both properties and then returned two times to do the training with the dogs. Dean was extremely professional and knowledgeable about his work. He is a very hard worker and I feel certain that if we ever had any issues with our invisible fence or needed a refresher with the dogs he would be here in an instant. My neighbors and I feel that we definitely hired the right person for the job. He gave us a great price and we felt great about supporting a local business! I would highly recommend his business to anyone looking to install an invisible fence.

Jenny B. | Seattle, WA

January 4, 2013

Dean at Seattle Dog Guard is one of the nicest guys out there, and that translates into his business, as well. When he installs invisible fencing, he includes training sessions with your dog to get them accustomed to the fence. How great is that? Definitely beats the prices of Invisible Fence, and he's willing to travel a couple of hours for a client. I'd recommend Dean Watkins of Seattle Dog Guard in a heartbeat! Also, he's mentioned that he can fence in cats as well as dogs, even just for keeping them off the counters in your home. Good to know!

Joshua M. | Mercer Island, WA

January 3, 2013

Invisible Fence. Simple. You know what it is. That is why you are looking for someone to install it. Dean Watkins of Seattle Dog Guard is the exclusive vendor of Dog Guard out of sight invisible electric dog fencing in the Seattle area. Dean is responsivee, reasonably priced, an expert trainer, and a friendly guy to work with. His fences and his products are effective, simple to operate, and more reasonably priced than his competitor Invisible Fencing. If you want to work with a professional, licensed dog fencing installer who will be there when you need help, I recommend giving Dean a call--you'll be glad you did and your pets will be safer because of it!

Lucinda O. | Seattle, WA

December 6, 2012

How many invisible fence companies do you know that also install invisible fences for cats?! Well, Seattle Dog (and Cat) Guard does! Dean takes great time and care to get to know his clients and their needs. He is respectful of personal property and cares greatly for animals. Seattle Dog Guard is a family owned and operated business in the U.S for decades and they continue to build their systems in the U.S. Whether you live on a rural estate or an urban postage stamp, Dean can help you keep your dog (and cat) where you want them. Call Dean today!

Mark G. | Bellevue, WA

September 13, 2012

If you love your critter and you want this type of fence then work with Dean. Dean made me understand that since dogs differ in sizes and behaviors the fence designs and calibrations differ as well. That's his expertise. He's really a sensitive guy who understands why we all have pets to begin with. I give him high marks for his concern for the animals.

Adam S. | Kenmore, WA

September 9, 2012

So we have this Shiba Inu who is an escape artist. We had Dean come out to walk the grounds and give us an estimate on an invisible fence. I must say he was a great guy, his professionalism and attitude were top notch. His product knowledge was amazing and what he can do with the wires/fencing is unmatched. This guy knows his stuff.

Ngaire T. | Seattle, WA

March 6, 2012

Seattle Dog Guard has been in business doing underground dog fences for some time and their brand is all american made-I really liked this aspect of the product. They install within a house as well as around the yard! Dean Watkins is great to work as well as being reliable. If you need an invisible fence, call Dean Watkins at Seattle Dog Guard!

Mack M. | Seattle, WA

November 7, 2011

This is a great solution! I think this is much easier on the pet than trying to train them to stay on the property or out of certain rooms, certainly it's much gentler than constantly tugging on the leash and scolding them all the time. I have seen dog owners really enjoy the company of their dogs, because they are well-trained and well-behaved. I think that Seattle Dog Guard's electronic fence solution will really help you and your dog enjoy each other's company a lot more.

Josh H. | Seattle, WA

November 4, 2011

I recommend Seattle Dog Guard for your underground electric dog fence for three reasons: (1) Dean is great. Knowledgeable and helpful. (2) Training. Seattle Dog Guard trains your dog with the fence so it's done right and your dog understands where the boundaries are. (3) The high-quality fencing equipment and waterproof collars are manufactured in the U.S. (the only underground dog fence that can claim this).

Adam D. | Seattle, WA

October 21, 2011

I heard Dean speak about the importance of providing dogs limits. While I am allergic to dogs and have no intention of getting one... If I did I would trust their safety to Seattle dog guard. Dean will take the time to explain the process of working with your dog to understand boundaries. I like that this is a simple long term cost effective solution. Rather than take my lay person discussion on dog fencing it would be best to call and learn about the system and how it works.

Katie L. | Seattle, WA

October 14, 2011

Dean, at Seattle Dog Guard is great - friendly, reliable and easy to work with. Their electronic dog fence is even used inside the home - Dean takes the time to train your dog on using the fence system to ensure your dog is safe and stays where you want him! I would recommend his service to all of my friends.

James S. | Renton, WA

October 2, 2011

Dynomite business person here, reliable and helpful in understanding what the invisible fence will do for me. Thanks for all the help dean.

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